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I am getting asked to set up a "Price Package" to help you with Personal, Business or Spiritual Mentoring. I will set up time with you to fit our schedules.   You will have first pick of my time,  with a follow-up MP3 taping if you wish.    2 - 30 minutes per week plus 2 short e-mails a week.. Total $200.00 a week this is a DISCOUNT! off normal charges and must be paid in advance each week. 

On-Line Past Life Regress or Hypnosis Therapy $200 for 90 min session this includes those who bring a spouse or friend at no extra price!  
All Sessions will be via Skype.. must have headset, Skype or Zoom access.

All Session are recorded - let Nancy know if you do not it mailed to you. 

Phone Sessions

All phone sessions are recorded via Skype Recorder. The recording is a "gift" if there is a problem with the taping I am not responsible!  I trust that when a problem happens it is the "Will of the Divine" that recording is not to heard.  

Phone sessions are as accurate as in person.

please use [email protected] as e-mail address.

What can I Ask of Her?

Even with the most difficult of questions, we need to understand that it is up to our spirit to release and allow the door to information is opened. If you are truly wanting, that door will open for Nancy to get the information. 
Nancy says people, relationships - business or personal, are areas she excels in. Parents call just for readings on children, she describes them years in advance and tells the parents of their potential! She talks to your angels and those loved ones in spirit. She has a wonderful ability to see who has greeted your loved ones during the death transition. The mystical world of our dreams is an area Nancy has had tremendous insight to the messages the dreams are sending us.

She has noticed a greater interest for Animal Communication with beloved pets. She has also been asked for advice from Professional Horse and Dog Breeders for show potentials animals.

Another area of increase interest is in Past Life Regressions. She will regress you personally to access your particular Past Life interest. Whether along or with a friend you can experience the thrill of Past Life Awareness. Who were you connected with? And who is with you in this Life Time.

"Life Analysis Readings"

A client/friend had asked that I create a "Life Analysis Reading".  We discussed this and we decided a Life Analysis could cover different areas of which would be your choice.
My friend chose an overall evaluation of her life lessons learned from earliest age to present and (if possible) future lessons, especially with Karmic influences.   
So you could choose to cover your childhood, ages of personal life lessons, Karmic relationships with parents, grandparents, etc. (past life connections) going up through high school.
Analysis of important dating, marriages and lessons learned.  Your chosen Life Talents and paths taken in relationship with current job, future job choices, and retirement careers or hobbies.  
I'll cover Dreams, psychic talents (and or development).  And including how to start up a psychic business. 
Reasons for friends, both on job and with your personal family.  If you wish I can also tell you, by physical description, who you can trust or be careful of).
Money issues, fears, deceased relatives.  Personal guides and physical description of them.

Love relationships with true Soul Mates, and those with prior life agreements, what was learned and what was missed. This overall look at many aspects of Life to give you a better handle of "Your Life Lessons." You can request this reading on Contact page.

My goodness, talking of your children is clearly part of the life analysis, and one of my favorite interest.  I will ask the name, address of each child and the age.  I will talk of life, dislikes, connections to various people in your lives, interests and talents in school and career choices.  The physical description of them as they grow, schooling options, even future spouses. 
If you have special questions on any of the above ideas or for your children of course I am here to answer them for you.
I do talk of health issues for all family members but remember I am not a doctor and can only give my "opinion".

These are all areas you can choose to discuss.

"Your Personal Reading"

Once I said: "If I had known my decision would have been so bad, I would not have made it."  My friend countered: "But look at all the growth you had, there is never the wrong choice, only lost time making none."

The future is the result of today's actions; the domino effect is in place. Ask questions. You have Free Will, the choice and result are always yours and yours alone. Trust your guidance, the future is marvelous and wondrous.

Listed below are some ideas I have listed to help clients determine what directions might be important to ask.

Below are 51 questions asked of me by a friend/client. I was so amazed that I asked if I could put the ideas up on the web. She was so gracious and said I could. Thank you Miss K!

The following are the questions that Miss K wrote up and asked during two sessions about six years ago. Though hers are in no particular order, keeping your thoughts in order of importance will help me to focus on each thought and cover one area and then go to another.

Questions for Nancy

11-25-11Hi Nancy!

I guess the best way to describe what I'm going through is to say I'm kind of lost.  I am uncertain as to where my life is going and don't really feel like I have a purpose.  That sounds more depressing than it is, but that's the truth.  I am interested in knowing what I am supposed to be doing with may life.  I am 30 years old, I have no husband and no family.  I'm kind of lost I guess.  Here are the areas I am wondering about:

1.    I am getting ready to make a career change.  Where do you see me professionally?

2.   What in the world is going to happen with my life life?  Am I going to be an old spinster?  Is my only purpose and function in life going to always be work?  Will I ever truly love someone and get married? 

3.   Will I ever have children and a family?

4.  What am I supposed to be doing with my life?  I need a mission.

5.  My dad and mom are not in good health, what do you see happening with them?

6.  Money is tight right now.  Where do you see me financially in the future?

That's what I'd like you to focus on, work and love life mostly.   Jeannette

These Questions given to me by Kim a decade back - 

1. How old is my soul?
2. How many past lives have I lived?
3. Are my beliefs sound?
4. Did I ever live in Mid-Evil Times? A time when they dueled/fenced?
5. How many of the people in my life now have I known before? Which ones am I here to work things out with?
6. Tell me how I can help my friend Miss J?
7. If my higher self has all the answers then why must I come into human form?
8. Will I met or have I met my soul mate? Will we decide to be together in this lifetime?
9. Will I ever find a partner who I will spend the rest of this lifetime with, grow old happily with, or am I going to grow old alone?
10. I've called for my soul mate, does he hear me? Is he even a male in this lifetime?
11. Financially, on the path I'm on now will I be able to achieve as I dream or am I going in the wrong direction?
12. How can I teach my children some of these beliefs without scarring them?
13. Why has my oldest child always had problems? What is this experience supposed to bring us? On the path she's on now will she have a good life?
14. My relationship with my children, will I be a main part of their lives? Will we always be close? How can I help them to stay on the right path or the paths they have chosen?
15. Are my parents happy with me and how I have turned out up to this time in my life?
16. How will I know the right man for me in this lifetime? Will I get hurt again? When will it occur?
17. Ever since I was young I felt like I've been called to go to a certain place, where is this place and why do I feel I would be happy there?
18. Where I belong in this life? Will I be able to move back to Colorado? When? I feel like there's something I'm supposed to do, but I don't know what it is.
19. How do I contact my guides, my higher self and my soul mate?
20. Will I become a writer (published) someday or am I seeing myself from a past?
21. Am I going in the right direction to lose weight? Will I attain my goal and keep it off?
22. Do I have any psychic ability or is all the strange things that I've experienced just a form of my never ending imagination?
23. Why do I feel sometimes a desperate need to go high into the woods/mountains and at the same time am fearful?
24. I want to be more intelligent, how can I achieve this?
25. Why do I have such a complete block to mathematics and how can I overcome it?
26. Why do I have such an overwhelming need to be loved?
27. What areas should I look at to move? Where will I be the happiest?
28. Tell me what happened with Mr. H, and why he made such an impression on my life, without barely touching his? Is he happy now? Married? Children? Does he ever think of me? Fondly?
29. What have I come here to learn this?
30. Will I be able to buy a house if I stay in California? If I move away how will it affect each of my children?
31. How can I help my oldest child to have more self confidence? To meet her potential?
32. How can I learn to stay focused, concentrate better and retain information?
33. How can I learn to be less fearful?
34. I want to know and understand more about God and why he created a physical body for a "perfect" soul?
35. Why are there so many evil people in the world? What does society need to learn to help rid our plant of some of this?
36. What was I supposed to learn from my experience with my Ex? What am I to learn from the continuing experiences?
37. Why does my Ex bring me to temper so easily? Why do I find him threatening?
38. If I can change my destiny, how do I go about changing it?
39. How do I become more valuable to my employer?
40. Will I get my promotion at my next review?
41. How can I tune into my higher self more consciously? Get more questions answered and tune into my psychic abilities with more clarity?
42. How am I regarded at work? Especially by my boss and president?
43. Will I ever consciously meet my higher self?
44. Am I fulfilling the contract I made when I came down here? Am I on the right path?
45. Did I want the sex I am or was this just by chance?
46. There's an acquaintance of mine that I get strange vibes from, is she someone I should be leery of, or is she as wants to be seen?
47. Will my creative nature be a strong influence for my life's goal or should I follow the more scientific nature within me?
48. I wish to meet more people with whom I can develop close friendships, people who have the same interest as I do. How do I go about meeting these people and how do I know if their friendship is genuine.
49. There's a man in my life right now that I have chemistry with, please explain why? Has he been a part of my life before?
50. Why is it that when I go into some places I have the sense of being watch? Or the sense of a spirit?
51. Sometimes when I see shadows along my eyes is that a spirit?

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