In the next few years I will be able to create Chakra Jems Jewelry Jewelry to reflect your Aura and Soulful Vibration.  Please call prior to purchase to have me read your energy for Healing Jems, Love Jems or Emotion/Spiritual Fullment Jems set to your style of jewelry.  If you see something you like please e-mail me. 
November of 2005 I participated in a Tucson Arizona "Choices" event, I was invited to read "Auras" for two days. At prior fairs I read Aura's just for fun, but during this two-day event, I read dozen's of Aura Photographs; and, became clearly aware of people's interest, awareness and desire to clear, balance and heal their energy forces. 

I have been aware we affect our different vibration Aura/Chakra bands, (which are shown in color by the eight natural hues of nature), by mediation, thought or introducing the natural colors of nature. 

Our entire physical world is alive in my Psychic Eye, every living and non-living entity on our planet vibrates and radiates a natural "Hue". You'll find in everyday living that we go through periods where we will desire to wear or create a particular color in our environment. I believe that is an unconscious attempt to create balance in our spiritual or physical energy forces. 

As I have time within the few weeks, I'll upload more gems, jewelry and stones/beads that I'd like to share with you. The jewelry will be for sale, the stones/beads will be made into similar style jewelry. My intent is to select colors you'd be excited to look at, hold or absorb into your auras. The stones and beads are made out of chrysalis and natural buffed stones below. give me a few more days to write out what crystals are used, selected and pricing. 

These "jems" will be designed for a brilliant Aura Colored jewelry that you pick out, to specially enhance your Aura Energy Fields. Hope you enjoy! 

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