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I felt the below statement should be on its own page, so you can review and know of its importance to me. In this day and age, all of us need to be protected from those who are not as honorable as you my clients have been in the past. With the best intention to help you on your journey in life, to help you heal a suffering heart, to help calm a grieving soul, there some people who tend to have darkness around them and if everything they are told (or purchase) doesn't fit what they had in their mind we all suffer.
With years of training as a Pacific Bell Management team in Northern California, a Ministry in the Church of the Living God of Sedona Arizona since February 1992, two courses of Hospice Training. Plus two years intensive training with the Church of Grace in Citrus Height California and continue working under their guidance and support for 15 years. I lend myself with God's angels to help you, but I must also say:
I, Rev. Nancy Matz, A Spiritual Minister, provide all of my services from an intuitive metaphysical trained counselor perspective. I surrender myself to you, and receive from you the guidance your higher self or angels feel is important for you to hear.
I have had no College formal training in psychology (except my ministry training), medicine, financial counseling, legal or any other related fields. I am not a Veterinarian, I've not had formal training in animal health and am not licensed in this or any other related field.
I do not intend to substitute my counsel, that you could get from any accredited advice and I do not take any legal or clinical responsibility for the care of any client or animal. I am not responsible for any liability resulting form any loss or damage (including, without limitation, financial, mental, legal, physical, health, indirect, incidental or consequential) caused in regard to suggestions, advice or information provided through my service or as a result of your use of my service, regardless of whether resulting from negligence, accident or any other cause whatsoever. There is no guarantee of specific result or outcomes implied.
This last statement must be made, due to ridicule that I received at an event in Roseville California.  At this  event someone attacked my belief in "soul survival" which is the core of my belief structure and the reason I walk this path now.
I now have the right, "To reserve the right, to refuse services (or continued conversation) to any person I feel will not benefit from continuing - this I so choose."
Thank you for reading, Rev Nancy Matz

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