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Char of California Haunts Radio invited me 2022 Summer to be her Guest on her YouTube shows.   I am on every Friday at 6:30 PST and soon we will be doing Special Evenings of Readings for a small cost.  She is also interested in creating UFO Investigations along with Ghost Investigations.  She will announce these as shows are planned.  https://www.youtube.com/@CaliforniaHauntsRadio

Karen Rothstein (Hypnotherapists) and I are in works to do some events, possible 2023. We will be writing a book together on Spirit Possession.  I will continue to work on 8 books and she hers.   My e-mail [email protected] and Karen's [email protected] 

​AS I have time I will be moving those shows where I have been a guest to my YouTube Channel. 

I am going to be covering (initially) readings that I have kept on MP3s and Cassettes, MP3s since 2011, cassettes going back into the early 90's and DVDs same time frame.   On alternative nights topics, Ghosts/Spirits and Possessions, Divorce, Changing Careers, Death, Dying and Grief, your Children's issues and potential!.   
I also plan on introducing my Author web site and upcoming books and separate projects.

Excited to have reconnected with Prof. Gary Schwartz, he and his beautiful Wife Rhonda have announced their 'Soul Phone Project' enabling anyone to 'Talk to the Decease' Wow!!!!  I will have some involvement and so look forward to telling you the great news!  Please get on a mailing list to get announcements.

I have been wanting to do these for a long time and look forward to bringing information for you to help you live your lives easier.  www.youtube.com/@PsychicNancyMatz


At many of these events I gave talks, let me know if you'd be interested in my giving a talk at your friends or company.  My  most requested Classes: 
"Are You Living With a Ghost or a Spirit? 
"Reincarnation" and/or  "Group Past Life Regression"
"What you are Dating Again?" a look at mid-life Dating and 
 "Living Vertical and Loving It!"

I have completed three Psychic Developmental courses:  
"Psychic", "Advance Psychic/Mediumship" and "Ministry" Courses. 
I will take Psychic and Advance Psychic/Mediumship to the below events; 
if you want to purchase at Fairs I will give a big discount price.  
​Past Radio Shows - 
www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Dead-Air  - Ghost Investigations, EVPs and 
Forum to discuss everything Paranormal.  
www.PortOrangeParanormalSociety.com  aka Abnormal Paranormal Investigator George Lopez has lead his people and his "Remote Viewer" through many of the most haunted locations in America!   

My first "show" with him was March 26, 2011 following a presentation of "Tombstone" go to the above web address and you can listen to entire show or to "Home" to link there.
I need to add here that I was a member of BlogTalkRadio.com/Psychic-Nancy-Matz
for many years and Char of California doing Ghost Investigations, and I worked as a Remote Viewer on many occasions.  

When I again can schedule one of the below fairs  - I'll post up above with date I'll be attending.  

Sacramento - Holiday Inn Northest,  www.NewEarthExpo.com or call (800)722 7330

Stockton, California, Best Western Stockton Inn, www.NewEarthExpo.com or call (800-722-7330) 

Sacramento, California, Healings Arts Festival,  for more information please call 916-202-6962 or web site www.healingartsfestival.com

[email protected]
Phone: (916) 773-1657 Hornbrook, CA 
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TALK HOST at 1480 AM PHOENIX AZ - 2011
Thank you Phoenix AZ for a great three months!!!!  Lots of Call-Ins and personal e-mails for me to continue on Live AM Progressive Radio!  Unfortunately, the economy is suffering and the station could not continue my show without monies from the community... 
So sorry to have to end this fun show.  This only reminded me of how much and how I miss the one-on-one with you my audience.   If you'd like copies of any show, please call me to set up an order and mail to you CD's.